Pathways Residential Group Home

A Residential Treatment Program For Adolescent Females
Located in Bradford, Massachusetts and operating since 1990, Pathways is a residential treatment program serving females between the ages of 12 and 18 referred by DCF.

Establishing A Normalized Living Environment
The program strives to establish a normalized living environment for girls with emotional, behavioral, and / or psychiatric problems who are at risk for hospitalization and whose traditional living arrangements are currently unable to meet their needs.

Developing Positive Healthy Relationships
The Pathways treatment team works effectively to assist the girls with developing positive healthy relationships, high self esteem, and confidence in themselves.

Once sufficient progress has been made towards achieving individual treatment goals, the program facilitates a transition to a less restrictive placement.

To Learn More About Pathways:
For more information about Pathways or to make a referral, please contact James Mlynarski, Program Director at 978-521-6868 or via e-mail at

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Quick Facts For
Social Workers

Residential Home

  • Group Home
  • Bradford, MA
  • Adolescent Females
  • Ages 12 to 18 Years
  • 12 DCF/BTR Beds
  • 6 DCF/STARR Beds
All TCA residential treatment programs also accept ALP placements and private payments.
  • DCF = Massachusetts Department of Children & Families
  • BTR = Behavioral Treatment Residence
  • STARR = Stabilization, Assessment, and Rapid Reintegration
  • ALP = Alternative Lock-up Program

Summer Program Fun
Kids Being Kids

"I actually like the entire summer program this year because despite the drama or the bad days we still had fun and managed to stay positive. This has been my best one yet!"

"The whole summer program was really fun but I enjoyed the Kayaking trip the most!"